Thoughts on Open Faculty Development

In catching up on the materials from Open Learning 18 in the past few weeks, I find myself thinking about the claim in the week 7 syllabus that “open faculty development in higher education offers a vital, unique, and uniquely effective opportunity for shared learning in the digital age.” I wanted to reflect on my […]

Opening Access

I haven’t actively participated in OpenLearning18 as much as I have wanted due to sick days and snow days in recent weeks, but I’ve been reading and following along. So what did I learn this week? Making something open access isn’t so easy as it sounds. Its not as simple as flipping a switch from […]

Hopes for OpenLearning18

In this cMOOC, I hope to get an immersive experience in what it’s like to participate in “open education.” I’m about 1 month in to a new position as an instructional designer for connected learning at Colgate University. I first signed up for OpenLearning18 because open education is in line with the learning/design principles of […]

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