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I’ve been meaning to write here for a few months. It’s been hard to get back into writing because 1) I haven’t needed to write much since I finished grad school and 2) grad school burned me out from writing so much. So now here I am, with “active blogging” included as part of my annual professional development goals for 2019-2018 along with working to grow a “domain of one’s own” initiative at Colgate. This blog will be a small plot in my domain, which I hope will become a showcase for other faculty. I’m also getting more comfortable using Word Press so that I can support faculty using Word Press for course projects. But more importantly, I’m hoping blogging can help me process and reflect on the journey of growing “Domains at Colgate” in a public, scholarly way

It’s also been hard to blog because I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. I had blogged a few times for Open Learning 18, but even then it felt more like completing an assignment than a real practice of blogging, per se. So I jumpstarted this blog by changing its theme and making a custom logo. Then I read about how to blog like a champion from the connected learning world. Now that I have a better idea of what I’m doing about to do, it still has taken me 3 days just to write this post.* So I’m going to end it here for now; while some suggest a blog post have a narrative beginning-middle-end structure, I’m OK with keeping this post as just the beginning…

*and figuring out what GIF I wanted to use to communicate my ideas. I settled on this one I made of my daughter

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